Just after President Obama was elected to his first term, a friend that I worked with on the North Slope posted on Facebook that gasoline, which was $1.84 at the ti e, would be $5.00 under Obama. Well, gasoline today in the US is $2.388 and I wish that it was closer to $5.00. With the price of oil dropping from over $100/barrel to $50/ barrel it has hurt the drilling in this country tremendously. The boom in the Bakken Shale in Western North Dakota is the largest economy in the United States and as it starts to die down it is hurting the economy of the entire country. I was told just recently by a local farmer that he doesn’t care about the price of gasoline because he realizes that if the boom dies in Williston, North Dakota it is going to hurt the economy of the entire country. When OPEC decided to drive the price of oil to the current price in order to get us to stop drilling and pruducing I don’t think that Americans realized how much it was going to hurt this country


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